Last week, the cast for season 28 of MTV’s The Challenge departed to Huatulco, Mexico to start filming.  There was speculation that this season was going to be a coed rivals theme, and that is now confirmed.  Season 28 will be Rivals 3 featuring 13 pairs of coed teams. Once Battle of the Bloodlines starts airing on December 2nd, we should be able to start seeing some of the rivalries from that season.  Three of the new bloodlines will be on Rivals 3, as well as some more rookie AYTO cast members.  This cast consists of both vets and rookies, most of the challengers being part of the newer generation of competitors.

In my opinion, I think its too soon for another rivals, or at least get a better cast.  BMP could have done such a better job getting real rivalries from challenge history rather than making stretches or bringing in AYTO cast members.  I like the whole concept of coed rivals, but the cast could be ten times better. It’s kind of sad that this show is trying to survive on rivals.  They could have easily done a Gauntlet 4, Ruins 2, or even a new format.  A lot of people want an Old School vs. New School challenge.  They need to give the fans what they want if they want high ratings.

Once filming progresses, I will try and update you all on the pairings.  Check out vevmo if you want to view challenge discussion threads.

Rivals 3 teams:

Bananas (RW: Key West) & Sarah (RW: Brooklyn)

Wes (RW: Austin) & Nany (RW: Vegas 2)

Leroy (RW: Vegas 2) & Avery (RW: Portland)

Johnny R (RW: Portland) & Jessica (RW: Portland)

Cory (RW: Ex-Plosion) & Ashley (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Tony (RW: Skeletons) & Camila (Spring Break Challenge)

Dario (AYTO 2) & Nicole (Bloodlines)

Vince (Bloodlines) & Jenna (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Nate (AYTO 2) & Christina (AYTO 2)

Brandon (AYTO 2) & Brianna (AYTO 2)

Jamie (Bloodlines) & KellyAnne (RW: Sydney)

Thomas (RW: Ex-Plosion) & Simone (AYTO 1)

Devin (AYTO 3) & Cheyenne (AYTO 3)