So today the trailer for season 27 of MTV’s The Challenge was released. The official title is Battle of the Bloodlines and you can check one of my earlier posts for the cast list. Watching the trailer there were some unexpected appearances of challengers not on the official cast. I was shocked when I heard CT’s voice in the trailer, and there he was. CT is making an appearance with Diem’s sister Megan to honor Diem’s passing. Not sure what their role is in the challenge but it is only a brief stint. It’s possible that they brought them in for an elimination, similar to what they did with CT in Cutthroat, or just additional competition to beat for the duration of their stay. Zach is also seen in the trailer and he is not on the official cast either. Zach is also making an appearance, but it looks like he is solo. Once again, not sure what his role is. Besides the unexpected cast members, it seems there are some more twists this season. For one, your bloodline controls your fate in the game. If a bloodlines loses in an elimination their corresponding relative goes home too. From what I have heard, it seems that during this challenge the cast will compete as teams and partners, adding another twist to the game. Overall, looks like a pretty intense season with jumping on moving vehicles, underwater challenges, and snakes around heads. I’m very much looking forward to the season and think it has great potential. The season premiers on December 2nd.

PS: Looks like Cara Maria and Abe are going to have some relationship issues.. yikes.

Here is the link to the trailer: