It’s been reported that the New York Knicks are getting closer to trade talks for Carmelo Anthony. There’s been trade rumors about Melo for awhile now, but this time it could be for real. If the Knicks are indeed considering talking to other teams about trade scenarios, I personally think Carmelo asked for the trade. Just look at the Knicks offseason. They drafted Kristaps Porzingis and acquired Jerian Grant, two players who won’t have an immediate impact. They didn’t sign a single big name free agent this offseason despite all the hype they had. If I were Melo, I would 100% ask to be traded. The Knicks are not making any progression at improving. 

They missed the playoffs badly last season, and as of right now they could be looking at a similar outcome for this season. Yes, they signed some decent players like Robin Lopez, Aaron Afflalo, and Derrick Willaims, but these guys aren’t coasting the Knicks to the playoffs, especially playing in the triangle offense. This brings up another point, are they going to continue running the triangle? It obviously didn’t work for them last year so I’m not sure why they would do it again. The only player on New York’s roster who is familiar with the system and can run it is the former Laker Sasha Vujacic, who might not even make it out of training camp with the Knicks. 

There is just so much uncertainty surrounding the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson. One thing is for certain though, Carmelo Anthony will not be winning a championship with the Knicks. They might as well trade him and go into a full blown rebuilding mode.