The final cast for season 27 of MTV’s the challenge departed this week to begin filming.  The location is Bodrum, Turkey and each of the alums is bringing a family member with them, some same sex others opposite. During this season, the cast will compete as teams and pairs.  There are a lot of fresh faces on this challenge, several MTV rookies and then the entire bloodlines squad.  I am assuming this format is being passed off as a “Fresh Meat 3”.  If the bloodlines perform well or have a great personality for television, expect them to be asked back for other seasons. Now, let’s get into the alumni cast that is confirmed to be there.

Nany (RW: Las Vegas 2) 

Back for her 5th straight challenge, Nany has definitley proven herself to be one of the stronger females in this generation of challengers.  She made it to the final on Free Agents coming in second, and fought her way through Ex-ile with her partner Johnny Bananas last season on Battle of the Exes 2.  In my opinion, I think Nany can win this challenge.  She has enough challenge experience to be dominant over the bloodlines and I think she will have a pretty strong alliance this season.  The girl can compete and she’s got a lot of heart, big fan. Nany is speculated to be accompanied by her cousin Nicole.

Camila (Spring Break Challenge) 

The Camil-inator is back and ready to win another challenge.  I’ve seen Camila on social media and she’s been routinely working out and looks to be in great shape.  Eliminated in the middle of Free Agents, Camila is coming back to redeem herself.  She is also one of the strongest females in the game now and I think she will preform well in this challenge.  I also think she has a chance to win with the alliance she will most likely have.  Camila is bringing along her younger sister Larissa.  If Larissa is anything like her big sis we could expect some drama.

KellyAnne (RW: Sydney)

Ending her nine season absence, KellyAnne will be on her first challenge since the The Ruins (Season 18, 2009). KellyAnne was supposed to be on Battle of the Seasons (Season 23, 2012) with Team Sydney, but they were disqualified before the season.  She might have agreed to make a comeback because a family member would be with her.  I’m curious to see how KellyAnne plays this game considering it has been awhile since we last seen her. I am not sure what her alliances might be, she has only done a challenge with two people on this cast. It will be interesting to see how she plays it out.  Her bloodline is her cousin Anthony.

Jenna (RW: Ex-plosion) 

Coming off a pitiful performance in last season’s final, Jenna is also back to redeem herself.  At the reunion, she was praised for her performance throughout the duration of last season.  She still hasn’t seen an elimination so I think she definitely will this season.  She needs to go in there and “earn her stripes”.  I think Jenna will have a pretty good alliance this season but when the time comes to pick someone for elimination, I think Jenna will be an easy choice.  Jenna’s bloodline is confirmed to be her cousin Brianna.

Aneesa (RW: Chicago)

Back for her 11th challenge I believe, Aneesa is still looking for that first victory.  She is in much better shape now then she was on Rivals 2 and Free Agents.  Aneesa was under the radar the whole time cast was being speculated.  No one suspected her until a tweet pretty much confirmed she was there.  She played a pretty good game on Free Agents before she was eliminated by Laurel in a match she should have one.  I’m glad that Aneesa is there because we get a real old school “Vet” on the show.  People keep asking for the old school “Vets” to return so they’re giving us what they can considering the format.  I’m really not sure what Aneesa’s potential alliance might be so I’m also interested in how she will play the game.  Her bloodline is her cousin Rianna.

Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2)  

The Boston Strong dome warrior is back still looking for her first win.  CM wasn’t speculated until late.  She wasn’t on twitter complaining about the format, like she did last season, so all signs point to her being there.  She played a great game on Free Agents until she injured her hand.  I’m expecting her to come back stronger than ever, although I’m not sure how this game will work out for here.  I don’t think she has any friends on the cast so her alliance might be thin.  But nevertheless, CM is sure to put up some good elimination battles this season. Her bloodline is her cousin Jamie.

Christina (AYTO 2) 

One of the many rookies this season, Christina will be representing AYTO.  I have never seen this show so I have no idea who she is or how she might preform.  If the traditional “send the rookies in first” occurs this season then  I expect Christina to be one of the first to go.  She is accompanied by her sister, Emily.

Johnny Bananas (RW: Key West) 

The champ is back looking for number six and with this format he just might get it.  I see this season being something like the Ruins.  I’m expecting the alumni to have a dominant season and Bananas to lead all that.  He will have a very strong alliance this season to which I see him taking to the end.  We knew Bananas was going to be on this season, he is one of the cornerstones of this show and not to mention one of B+M’s favorites as well.  His bloodline is his cousin Vinny.

Leroy (RW: Las Vegas 2)

Last season Leroy came in second place, making his first final since his rookie season on Rivals.  Leroy is beast and one of the stronger males in this new generation of challengers.  He is always in great shape and ready to compete.  The only problem Leroy has is being in the water, we have seen him struggle with it.  This is Leroy’s first large team challenge so we will see how he contributes to a collective effort.  I am expecting Leroy to get his first victory this season.  He is going to have a strong alliance with his buddy Bananas and I think they can make it to the end. His bloodline is his cousin Candice.

Cohutta (RW: Sydney) 

Cohutta is probably one of the most well respected guys on this show due to the fact that he’s the same guy inside and outside the challenge house.  He had a good season on Free Agents but was ultimately eliminated by the much bigger Leroy.  He always came to compete and gave it his all and that is why I have a tremendous amount of respect for him.  It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between Cohutta and his two exes, KellyAnne and Nany, this season.  I think his alliance will be strong because he is one of the vets on this season, but when it comes to the last male I think he will be thrown in.  His bloodline is his cousin Jill.

Cory (RW: Ex-plosion) 

As an atheltic roookie, Cory has a shot at sticking around for a little.  He is a hothead which may end up being a disadvantage for him.  He will most likely form an alliance with his fellow rookies and try to one up the vets.  I do not expect him to make it to the end but if I had to choose one rookie to have a good season it would be Cory. His bloodline is his cousin Mitch.

Thomas (RW: Ex-plosion) 

After an early exit from Battle of the Exes 2, Thomas is back to try and make it farther, I don’t think that will happnen though.  He once again will be used as a scapegoat when it comes to voting for elimination.  He still is relatively new which doesn’t help his case.  The only friend he really has in the house is Cory this season.  I expect Thomas to be one of the first two to go.  His bloodline is his twin brother Stephen.

Dario (AYTO 2) 

Another representative from AYTO.  I do not know who Dario is or how he will preform.  He looks pretty strong but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can compete in the challenges. His bloodline is his twin brother Raphy.

Tony (RW: Skeletons) 

The first of the Skeletons to appear on the Challenge, Tony is who I expect to be eliminated first.  I feel as if the rookies are always intended to be thrown in first and since Tony doesn’t have any personal relationships with anyone in the house, to my knowledge at least, I see him being the first to go. His bloodline is his brother Shane who made an appearance on RW: Skeletons.