When it comes to reality television there is only one show I care about, The Challenge.  MTV’s hit competition game show has its 27th season coming up, likely to begin filming within the first two weeks of June.  The format of this season is speculated to be “Bloodlines”.  An MTV alum, including rookies, is rumored to be accompanied by a family member this season.  It’s an interesting concept and nothing like this has happened during the Challenge series.  MTV may be trying to boost their ratings with new twists, after all the past two seasons of the Real World have included twists and last season on Battle of the Exes 2 with the “Ex-ile”.  It will be interesting to see how the game will work.  I have been staying updated by reading threads on Vevmo.com.  The Challenge threads there are incredible and is where I see most of the rumors on format and casting.  Some of the users on Vevmo have contacts that have provided them with information over the past couple years.  From what I have read, the last few seasons their sources have been pretty reliable with leaking information.  What stood out to me is that speculated cast members could be traveling with same gender or opposite gender relatives.  This is where the confusion of the format comes in.  Is it going to be pairs?  I’m not sure how that would work, what if two males and two females faced off in elimination, it couldn’t be a physical match.  It’s possible it could be a team challenge, MTV alums vs. “Bloodlines”.  If it is two big teams it would be interesting to see what alliances form between the two classes.  I welcome two team formats.  MTV hasn’t done large teams since Cutthroat (Season 20, 2010). While scrolling through Vevmo, some possible cast members really stuck out to me.  First off, KellyAnne (RW: Sydney) who hasn’t been on since the Ruins (Season 18, 2009) is rumored to be a lock in for this season.  Now, nothing is confirmed until the season actually starts, but from what I have read it seems KellyAnne is ending her nine season absence.  Maybe being accompanied by a family member helped make up her decision. Another name that came up was Mark Long, the Godfather.  Mark said during the first Battle of the Exes that it was his final challenge.  Although on social media he expressed several times that he would like to make a comeback.  I am all for a Mark Long comeback.  Considered one of the first reality TV stars, on Road Rules: USA – The First Adventure, he started this Challenge franchise back in 1998 (All Stars).  I would love to see Mark come back and show this cocky new generation of male contestants who’s the boss. There is a long list of potential cast members, some have been ruled out and others very likely going.  I will post the link to the Vevmo thread.

While reading the bountiful Vevmo thread, I noticed a comment referring to season 28, yes 28, season 27 hasn’t even started filming yet.  From what the comment was saying it seems that there is a possibility that season 28 could be a Champions vs. Challengers format, like the Ruins.  I am assuming they would go with the Ruins 2, and I am all for this idea.  I would love to see some real “Vets” come back on the show.  I have tweeted several times suggesting an Old School vs. New School Challenge, the real “Vets” vs. this younger generation of challengers.  Honestly, I just want some of the Challenge legends to return.  I’m not a fan of these new guys showing up thinking they run this show, no please sit down and shut it.  The user who posted about this idea said that Season 27: “Bloodlines” would be used to set up some more females for the Champions team.  Not that many previous female winners are still doing challenges.  The male champs probably wouldn’t be as hard to assemble, especially with Mark Long and Darrell stating they would be up for comebacks.  The only female champion I can think of that is still open to doing challenges is Camilla (Battle of the Exes champ).  The Challengers team is easy as can be.  There are plenty of regulars that have not won yet and they can easily get rookies off recent shows, like Are You The One.  I’ve never seen “AYTO”, and don’t really plan on watching it.  If they show up for a Challenge, cool.  I welcome newbies, but I don’t like how some of the “AYTO” kids have been starting crap on social media with Challenge vets thinking they’ll get cast on a Rivals format or something.  That’s not how you get cast, it’s because of guys like this that I want Challenge legends to come back and show them how it’s done.  This show isn’t easy, it requires some serious athleticism and mental strength, which is why the legend Bill Simmons referred to it as “America’s fifth professional sport”.

We’ll have to see when season 27 hits our television screens.  Late last summer they filmed Battle of the Exes 2 and we didn’t get that until January.  We’ll also have to wait and see who the final cast is made up of.  Most likely it will be 6-8 alums each for males and females along with their “Bloodlines”.  Check out the Vevmo thread below if you’re curious about the status of any of your favorite challengers.

Vevmo link: http://vevmo.com/forums/challenge-summer-2015-cast-speculation

**Update: see my other post for final cast breakdown