Shutting down Carmelo Anthony was the start of the next step for the New York Knicks. Sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, that was the right call. They weren’t going anywhere, why overabuse his knee and produce a risk for next season. Their strategy since then I’m sure is to tank the rest of the season and try to get the top draft pick in the lottery. Not only will they most likely get a top 3 pick, but they will have significant cap space. Despite their record this season, New York is still a major market and attraction for free agents. Some potential players the Knicks will target are Marc Gasol, Jimmy Butler, and Rajon Rondo. The legendary Phil Jackson will work his magic when it comes to pitching the Knicks. Next season, with a healthy Anthony, a top young draft pick, and a rim protector that I’m positive they will sign in free agency, the Knicks will bounce back. Now I’m not saying championship bound at all, but they could rebuild very quickly at the hands of Jackson if the right calls are made. They absolutely need a rim protector, a solid man running the point, and a supporting cast that can contribute. If the Knicks can accomplish that, their rebuilding period could be very brief.